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With base operations in Jerusalem and Jericho, we operate schools, fund businesses, and facilitate desperately needed medical and humanitarian aid initiatives. All with the express goal of Planting Hope in the Middle East.

How We Plant Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope provides quality education in a nurturing environment. This combination is revolutionary to the community we serve, who have grown accustomed to the day to day conflict in the Holy Land. This format means we are in high demand, and often struggling to find enough resources to meet the community’s needs.
In partnership with other non-profit organizations, we provide basic necessities and life-sustaining services to the poor including medical clinics and wheelchair distribution, as well as various programs for those with special needs in our community.
In alliance with local governments and existing businesses, we help facilitate secure jobs and income stability through job creating, and business start-ups

In order to effectively impact the Holy Land, we partner with other strategic organizations and people, like you, who have a passion to instill hope in hurting people and communities of the Middle East.

We are THANKFUL for their investment in our communities!

Some of our global partners:

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