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As a kid, you had big dreams: you were destined to become president, you were surely going to the moon and you had no doubt that your good actions could completely change the world. At any point in time, when you saw that things were wrong, you fearlessly insisted that they be made right.  At Seeds of Hope, this genuine spirit still lives in the good hearts of our students, staff, parents and volunteers alike.

In our most recent social media posts, we revisited our core purpose and the many parts that establish Seeds of Hope as an organization that’s making a difference. As a way of connecting with followers, old and new, we want to share the 5 Parts of Seeds of Hope that clearly define who we are and what we do. Today, we will focus on:

#1: Education

Since day one, education has been at the center of our purpose. Our schools have become a staple in the community as we provide these young minds with a positive environment to be kids, and a constant opportunity to learn in a place of love. This year, we are expanding our education to include first and second grade in addition to the current daycare, preschool, and kindergarten classrooms.

“They (the students) are so important to us. We know immediately that they are going to be the change,” Jessica Hattar, the Director of Education,  said. “We are planting the seeds now, and with our help, those seeds are going to blossom and grow.”

To foster the creativity of our students, we spend our days doing educational art projects, activities involving music and physical education, and all the other subjects of the uniquely built curriculum that is made by the Seeds of Hope staff.

In the surrounding schools, it is not a guarantee that the staff will approach education with the same love and care as we do at Seeds of Hope. Ever more, as these children gain access to our schools, their families become able to embrace this amazing culture too.

“These kids are the bridge to reach their parents. This is why a partnership with us is so important,” Seeds of Hope CEO, Khadar Ghanam, said. As our schools grow in numbers, grade levels and positive recognition, many parents in the community have begun enrolling their unborn children as soon as the mother becomes pregnant.

Over the last decade, our schools have made strides in teaching love and sharing hope to the young students who are to become the citizens of our tomorrow. With your help and donations, we will continue serving more and more students, and growing our beloved community!

A little help can go a long way.

Click here to sponsor a child and watch them grow:

Stay tuned for the next blog post about…
#2: Supplying Medical Equipment and Changing Lives.

Always Growing,
Seeds of Hope


  • Tom Krause says:

    Many thanks for the updates and this new 5-part series! It is so wonderful to see how the Lord has and continues to bless Seeds of Hope!
    I am forwarding your newsletter/blog to other Israel tour hosts that have traveled with us and stopped at Seeds of Hope; and if they already are on your mail list – they can get it twice!

    The “Krause Family Anniversary Tour” is looking forward to seeing you in Jericho after Christmas. The 27 of us in the Krause Family (including our 17 grandkids) will experience Israel and Jericho together. We’ll let you know specifics when we get closer. Then we are with you again in early January with a “bunch of pastors & spouses” for lunch and a presentation – details to follow!

    Blessings on your summer! You are blessed and a blessing,
    Cordially in Jesus,
    Tom & Miriam Krause
    Overland Park, KS – USA

    • Addie Abu Saada says:

      Tom and Miriam,

      We are so glad you are enjoying the content and forwarding it on to others. Thank so much for all of your support … it means a lot to us!

      We love when you visit us and look forward to seeing you again soon as well as meeting the rest of your family. Next year will be an exciting time for Seeds of Hope, and we’re so glad you want to be a part of it!! Much Love from all of us at Seeds of Hope!

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