Creating a School out of Love

By September 23, 2019Community Outreach

With students returning to school this month, we were reminded, once again how much our students LOVE our school. There’s nothing like it in the middle east; a school built on love and dedicated to hope.

One quick glance and we might look familiar: student uniforms, play time, field trips, songs, worksheets, bright classrooms, and friendly teachers. Dig a bit deeper and you will find students who love to learn and teachers that love to teach – all gathered together to find new friends, embrace new moments, discover themselves, explore creativity, uncover new experiences and grow (and grow, and grow)!

It all starts with our teachers. Their passion is to nurture and deliver on our core values of kindness, giving, and respect. They do this by creating a safe, comforting environment that’s joyful and fun. We were so fortunate to grow this year by adding a grade and reaching more students with “seeds of hope.” We’d love your support to help us reach more children with love and hope.

Always growing,
Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

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